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Friday, October 24, 2008

Soldiers in Action!

Images of SL Army soldiers in the act of combat training!

Source: Defence.NetLk STF-Training Gallery

Special Task Force or the STF is the elite counter terrorist force of the Sri Lanka Police. It was founded in 1983 and by now employs more than 8000 highly trained personnel.

The Real Fight Rages On:
Heavy fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) today and yesterday when SLA forces moved further into LTTE territory south west of Kilinochchi. Troops from the 57 division have captured large parts of the LTTE built earth bund at Akkarayankulam, overrunning 19 bunkers in the process. Meanwhile 58 division units were able to gain control of Vennerikulam region, including the Vennerikulam tank, amidst heavy LTTE resistance today. However fighting is still going on in north east of Vennerikulam and Adampanmoddai where small groups of LTTE fighters are still at large. On the Mullaithivu front the 59 division units at Andankulam captured a 100m stretch of land ahead of their FDL.
Fighting rages south of Kilinochchi

These men are smokin'!

Dressed to Kill!

Source: Pics from the Frontline--13 May 2008

And the front lines are here...

Click on this map link for a dynamic display of frontline activity, an Interactive Defence Map of Sri Lanka with latest information on advancements of troops in Northern Battle fronts.

On a Tiger Hunt*

Sri Lankan Forces answer the armed struggle with weapons drawn...

Crème de la Crème on Display

Sri Lanka Police Special Task Force (STF) soldiers march during a passing out parade in Katukurunda, some 43kms south of Colombo, 28 December 2006. Some 313 recruits concluded their STF training at the training centre in Kalutara. The nucleus of the STF the para-military arm of the country's police force was formed in 1983, drawing on policemen already in service and having them trained by the Army in the handling of infantry weapons and given basic training in "jungle operations", and who are deployed essentially for counter terrorist and counter insurgency operations within the country and also undertake close protection duties.

Get the wallpaper
STF Mission Possible: STF Part 2

STF Part 1 - Faizalsamsu

In the Navy

YouTube 3 minute SL Navy video report--4 handsome interviewees.>>

Sinhalese language only.

Other Sri Lankan Male Military Links:
*Images and commentary presented here represent creative expression rather than any statement of position on the war. Any apparent slur or defamatory expression against combatants on either side is only for the purpose of contextualizing images in line with the theme of the post. The SL conflict is understandably controversial and whatever my personal leanings, I sympathize with all those who suffer hardship as a result of military and terror activities.

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