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Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Shoot

One... two... three... Cheese!

Perfect--a handsome, young man and a fantastic Sri Lankan setting.

Mission Accomplished:

Images from Colombo & Wadduwa 25-29 May '09 in latest SLM post.
Exclusive model and other original photos soon to come.

Original pre-travel post (below):

Call out to men in Sri Lanka for photo shoot in May 2009.

  ~Black is Beautiful

Are you a bodybuilder; have an attractive, muscular physique?

Adult--any age welcome.

Black is beautiful--a special call out for this unique attribute.

Black is beautiful--it is a trait to boast of. Any man with a dark attractive physique, slim or well-built, is most welcome.
Model (above) is in fact Tamil Indian. See special feature on Ponmudi.

Photo shoot details to be arranged and negotiated in advance--please contact me.

Cover Boy--That Modeling Flair
Some men (whether younger or older) are, let's face it, beautiful. They've got the looks!

If you have those beautiful model looks--it's about the eyes, the eyebrows, the lips, the hair, the smile, etc. You are most sought after.

True, it is in part in the eye of the beholder, but if you or others have told you that you have very attractive features, then you're invited to a photo shoot.

Model (left) is in fact Bangladeshi.

Bears & the Beautifully Hirsute
There is no man like a hairy man.
Men with hairy physiques are quite simply luscious. It is one physical characteristic that separates the boys from the men.

It is a highly appealing trait in Sri Lankan men, whether it is body cover, as in the image above, or handsome facial hair that creates that ultra-masculine appeal.

Hairy men--men with goatee, beard, mustache... you are most welcome!

See more: a handsome worker, a sexy stud, a well-endowed youth and man & beast.

Tribute to the Soldier
No others to match.

A call out to the young, attractive soldier--in uniform. You are doubly welcome if you can share your story.

Are you ready to become a featured Sri Lankan male?
See more desired model types at Modeling Anyone?

Be a part of the photo shoot:

May 2009
Where:    Colombo vicinity
Gratuity:    to be negotiated
Qualification:    a representative photo sent in advance
Restriction:    must be 18 or above
Use:    images for use on the Sri Lankan Male website

For more details, contact Bruce at
Your photo sets are welcome even if you can't make the photo shoot.

There's more~
Be a Commentator or Contributer to Sri Lankan Male
You don't have to be endowed with unquestionable male beauty to be a part of Sri Lankan Male. Inner beauty is, after all, the most meaningful beauty of all. I am also interested in finding a person in Sri Lanka who shares my passion for the Sri Lankan male and would be interested in working with me to continue to add great, relevant content to the Sri Lankan Male blog.

If interested write to me at

image removed

Sri Lankan Male Providers of Services
Ayurvedic massage therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue and joints of the body. The soft tissues include muscle, skin, tendons and associated fascia, ligaments and joint capsules.

Ayurvedic massage has many diverse physiological effects, which are primarily due to the therapist's hands moving over the body.
Content removed..

Have Your Services Featured on Sri Lankan Male
Sri Lankan Male blogspot is prepared to feature you and your service--commercial or hobby--if related to the theme of this blog.

Contact me with details.

One more call out...
Waiters, Hotel Staff...

Neat, attractive looks among young men in the service professions seem to go with the territory, whether in Sri Lanka or abroad. Any who fits such a description is also more than welcome to contact me with photos or for a shoot.

Staff (above, mid & right) of the Icebear Hotel in Negombo
In Celebration of the SRI LANKAN MALE!      

All of the images in this post were obtained from a variety of sources and no claims of ownership are being made by this author. Most of the images have, however, been digitally modified for artistic purposes in accordance with the theme of this post.

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