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Friday, July 17, 2009

Brown Muscle

Sri Lanka, India and perhaps Bangladesh are the only countries in the world where you are likely to find brown, beautiful Eastern men in great multitude.

Chennai, somehow, ought to be named the Capital for those who love to see such men.
Brown muscle, no less, is the thing to be most sought after on the streets of Chennai!

The Real Men of Chennai, Edition 8

Those already familiar with Sri Lankan Male posts will know exactly where the pics of this handsome Chennai bodybuilder originate,

I suppose the word Arab does not quite do justice to these men who are beautifully South Asian. That is not to say there is anything unattractive about buff Arab males--definitely not.

But of course, it is the men of S. Asia who are likely to be not only buff and beautiful, but also beautifully brown.

The man of mystery goes by the name P. Ranjith Kumar--another wonderful Hindu name.

An interesting aside:
Kumar Sanskrit: कुमार; meaning child (of Skanda, the Hindu God of War) is a title, a given name or a family name. Kumar is one caste that is more common with Sri Lankans. Kumar can also mean Prince...

In Bengali Kumar refers to young unmarried/single male. It is a very common name in India, mostly used as a prefix in South India & post fix in North India. It is also used as a common prefix like Mr, Mrs & master. Kumar literally means master in Sanskrit originated languages.
Great name, reference Wikipedia.
Is Ranjith Kumar handsome or master-like?
What say ye?
Who doesn't love a strong, hard body...

a nicely, hardened face,
...and a well-defined torso?
Go on Master Kumar, bear it all for us!

Now, at the request of one of this blog's readers, another beautiful S. Indian bodybuilder...

Young Master Vinu, of Cochin Kerala

Can you not love this loverboy look--or at least the way he looks at you?

He's a handsome young man who doesn't even have to lift weights to turn heads.
But turn heads he will...

Oh my, Vinu is not the only one who's perspiring.

This is a second look at the handsome young bodybuilder. There will be more to come.

For those who can't wait, see more of Vinu at source,

Who next at Sri Lankan Male?

The pickings are choice...

Other outstanding men of Chennai already featured in Sri Lankan Male...

The Real Men of Chennai: Edition 9

Enjoy Sri Lankan Male--and its featured men of Chennai.

All of the images in this post were obtained from other sources and no claims of ownership are being made by this author. Some of the images have also been digitally modified for artistic purposes in accordance with the theme of this post.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kumar is wonderful. I would like to see Kumar posing in a blue Lungi and a sleeveless banian.

Friday, July 17, 2009 9:41:00 AM  
Blogger diana angela said...

They all are really nice if u wanna be a bodybuilder and need some tips so visit this page...!!!
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Monday, March 17, 2014 5:17:00 PM  

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