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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Become a Sri Lankan Male Model

R U ready to step up to the plate?
Looks aren’t the be all and end all of becoming a model, you have to have the right attitude...
Not my words exactly, but exactly the right sentiment.
Attitudes need to be open, fresh, assertive yet not aggressive, and you need to show personality.  feature male model--attitude & personality

Open... fresh... assertive.., but above all PERSONALITY. That, in my opinion is the key, while looks, of course, remain an important factor, too.

Good Looks Matter (but...)

A good model will probably have "good" looks.

But "good" is a subjective quality.

What, really, is good as far as looks go--being fair or dark, or is color irrelevant?

What about height? Is tall automatically handsome; is short not so?

Hair color, cut and style? Can hair alone make or break the look of the model?

Body type--slim, mEdium, MUScular or BIG??

It's all so subjective.

No model will have universal appeal, however, some will definitely appeal to larger numbers than others.

It helps, at least, to define the audience which, while large, may share some common interests. The common interest of the audience in terms of this website is Sri Lankan and male.

Are you Sri Lankan--or have features that might typically characterize a Sri Lankan? And clearly, this site features the men and the boys--but, how male is male? What about effeminate qualities, or the metro male?

images (above & below) from

So what are the variables?
  • body type
  • shape of face
  • masculine/feminine spectrum
  • skin color & texture
  • eye features
  • lips, nose, etc.
  • hair style
  • facial hair
  • body hair
  • Those are the intrinsic physical qualities--but there are others which equally define good looks, most importantly
    • clothing (or some absence of it), and
    • the pose
    It all matters when it comes to looks, but it is all largely subjective.

    Do full, thick pinkish lips look hot on a young male? What about broad, thick, angular eyebrows? Who is to say?

    Who really has what it takes?

    Ultimately, it is the combination of all of these factors, where some features may be subdued and others quite prominent and striking.

    Though not an absolute, relative youth does seem to be a weightier issue as well as what might be described as not being overly obese.

    That said, I would happily like to feature the occasional mature gentleman and even a heavy set male whose features otherwise suggest handsome or interesting qualities.

    Mugshots, or boys with interesting looks?
    Do the majority of Sri Lankan guys have lusciously thick lips?

    Better than good is Interesting

    Interesting looks are, well, about as subjective a notion as good looks. But interesting is perhaps a much broader notion and therefore widens the pool of who might, in fact, qualify as a good model.

    The artificial background in the image (right) does not do very much for the overall composition.

    But the potential of the young man and his mysterious eyes are clearly there, and make him, if not handsome, a rather interesting subject.

    For one of this blog's readers, the image of TV anchorman Sasanka Dias (below), has those interesting features that gets the viewer to take notice.

    Here, it is a combination of the man's features as well as his style--the subdued lighting may or may not enhance the effect--again, a matter of opinion.

    ITV Anchor Sasanka Dias

    In the Hands of a Professional

    Truly interesting, in the model or the image, results from a combination of what both the model and the photographer bring to the composition.

    The image (left) is NOT of a Sri Lankan though one might be easily fooled.

    It is a highly professional image, but it is one that the right Sri Lankan male model could achieve given the right photographer to work with.

    Compare this professional model's features with that of the unnamed man above in the waterfall picture.

    Could not a similar effect be achieved with that model, with his intriguing eyes and handsome jaws?

    << Atlanta, US model the Franchise

    Interesting can also be largely a matter of composition. Or, conversely a poorly composed image can negate the intrinsic qualities of the model.

    This image (right) is striking as much for its handsome young male subject as the beautiful natural setting.

    The mesh between the model and his setting is seamless.

    Contrast this again with the waterfall image (above) which by comparison seems clumsy.

    The image (at right) is clearly not a model's photoshoot but an image produced under very organic circumstances.

    But the young man conceivably has potential as a model, even if the image is the result of chance. image >>

    Most Important of All...

    I agree completely with, that it is PERSONALITY that makes the model. This involves attitude.

    The young band member (left), who is bad enough to bare his torso, has attitude.

    Which of the three youths (below) has the most attitude? Perhaps the one with the mustache-less goatee. That half-bearded look inherently shows attitude.

    Then again, the brown streaks in the other young man's hair speaks of personality--indicative of a conscious effort to be distinct.

    Do I detect a little attitude?

    How to Become a Sri Lankan Male Model

    Hmm... The answer to this question will not be very elegant. You see, I am a blogger not a professional photographer.

    But Sri Lankan Male is THE showcase for attractive and interesting Sri Lankan men on the Net. I am ready to devote special attention to any original Sri Lankan Male models.

    How to become one...
    1. Send me any images which show your potential as a model--note the points raised in this post: good looks (subjective), interesting looks and composition, and most of all PERSONALITY.

    2. Allow me to photograph you. If you are in the UAE, then anytime, anywhere. If you are in Sri Lanka--dates will need to be arranged. If elsewhere, you'll just have to send me your images.

    3. Contact me, Bruce, via email:

    Model Potential?

    Yes... This young man--in the first and final picture of this post--is not a model, yet. But he could be. He's got that essential quality--PERSONALITY! Good looks, interesting style, attitude...? Well, that's subjective. But I'd say he's got all of that, too.

    Get in touch, my friend, with Sri Lankan Male.

    Earlier posts about modeling for Sri Lankan Male:
    Models featured in Sri Lankan Male:
    The images in this post were obtained from and other sources and no claims of ownership are being made by this author. Many of the images have, however, been digitally modified for artistic purposes in accordance with the theme of this post.

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    Blogger james said...

    While I agree that these guys are good looking they are a little too "pretty" for my taste.
    I like my Sri Lankan (and indian) men a little rougher.
    I especially like fishermen.
    I was in Negombo last year and had some very interesting tours on a fishing catamarans.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:12:00 AM  
    Blogger B.D. said...

    Too pretty and too young... I would mostly agree with your tastes.

    If I could I'd like to add 10 more years and as you say, a bit rougher quality of male to the images I display--but they are a harder find online.

    Would love to hear more about your catamaran experience.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:26:00 AM  
    Blogger james said...

    Well, I stayed at a well known gay mens resort in Negombo (I'm sure you know the one) My first morning there a Fisherman known to the owner came in during breakfast. He offered to take be on his fishing catamaran.
    So he and his crew of very handsome men took me out for three hour tour , a three hour tour...
    They were all Tamil muslims (does it get any better then that?) After the tour the fishman took me back too my hotel and we spent some wonder time togther. I will leave the details out. Not long after he left two of his crew came to my hotel and the three of us spent some wonderful time together. The next day I went out with the same fishermen fisher men but a different crew and the same thing happen that evening. This went on every day for the week I was there.
    Needless to say I'm going back in October.

    Friday, August 21, 2009 5:37:00 AM  
    Blogger B.D. said...

    Thanks James. I do know about the Negombo guest house, but didn't know about the tours on the fishermen's boats. Sounds great.

    Friday, August 21, 2009 9:41:00 AM  
    Anonymous iresha said...

    Some of the guys are indeed good looking, but some of them look a bit like tools.

    Here is a site with some hot chicks!
    Cute Lankans

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009 12:06:00 PM  
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