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Monday, August 31, 2009

One of a Kind or Three in One?

Model, Denham Ravi  

       This is the first time I have come across a genuinely professional Sri Lankan male model--that is, in the mode of the typical Western style pin-up. He's smooth, über sexy and he knows how to pose.  

I have to say, however, that the images are so slick that I can't really say it is the Sri Lankan look that most appeals to me.  

Were it not for the Sinhalese tattoo--and that is hot--we could easily presume he were just another buff Latin stud.  

His physique especially is almost too model perfect. He has the perfect layout of abs and pecs, subtly defined, without the mass and sharpness of a bodybuilder's. His airbrushed skin and complexion are just too silky smooth.  

Model for Australian men's underwear & sportswear maker,  

He is in fact Sri Lankan, he is gorgeous and he goes by the name of Denham Ravi--a stage name perhaps, like the photos again almost too slick to be real.  

If you take the boy out of Sri Lanka...  

You know that spiffy adage sometimes used in ad campaigns?  
You can take the man (boy, girl, etc.) out of the country but you can't take the country out of the man.  

I have taken the occasion before to modify the phrase by saying that if you take the man out of Sri Lanka, you'll unfortunately take quite a bit of Sri Lanka out of him, too.  

It would be great to see Denham more in his element as in the picture at right. A tropical setting really becomes the Sri Lankan male more than any other.  

Denham is a Sri Lankan resident of Brisbane, Australia. His bio reads:  
  • 23 y.o.
  • 4th yr. engineering student
  • his ambition~

    "...eventually start my own business in the fitness industry."
So, what will it be for the up and coming professional~

...a career in modeling, a swanky new job with an engineering degree or a fitness gym?

Any of the three would be a great way to go.

But, of course, it would be such a shame to hide attributes like his behind a shirt and tie and a hard desk.

Let's hope Denham goes with a dual career choice with modeling being one of the two.

Perhaps we'll see him one day gracing the cover of a male version of Vogue or splashed across a billboard. What is the male version of Vogue?

An online comment reads,
No. 15 · rogue dandelion

Him being an engineering student kills it, no one who looks like that is allowed to also have a brain. Some have all the luck! I hate him now.
Posted: Mar 19, 2009 at 11:45 pm

Classic Imagery

One blogger saw fit to render D. Ravi's photos in black & white, and the modification works.

I'm not sure which of the 5 pictured in the Teamm8 poster is not a champion, but to my sense Denham Ravi is No. 1.
B & W imagery from Just Male Model.

Cast in duotones the model's pose is classical.
Can you see the white columns?

Denham Ravi has the classic looks of an International Male.
Black & white imagery is back, say some. What say you?

Today any color image can be converted in a multitude of ways, including into sepia tones and black & white. But black and white--or more precisely grayscale--seems to be the way to go to get truly artistic and classic imagery.

Click and Be Dazzled

Back to technocolor...

There is no denying that Teamm8 has done a great job with its stunning photography of this model in vivid color and hues, although the overall effect may be a bit too soft.

I would prefer to highlight the rugged features in this model rather than the gentle ones. A bit of stubble or afternoon shadow to frame his lips or square his jaws would be just the right touch.

In any case, we have a fine collection of images to view--the best of what Teamm8 has to offer on feature model Denham Ravi.

What's your favorite among the images below?

To use a non-technical term, they are all equally yummy, so it might not really be possible to select a favorite.

Click on your favorite image of Denham Ravi for the full deal.

So, he loses the underwear for a bit. That's pretty cool!

In the realm of the imaginative...

                       Denham as a lifesaver on a sinking ship.

Now this one (below) is the best of all the images, and it comes super-sized (just click on it and feast your eyes).

I've adjusted the hues to what I feel is more appealing if not more realistic for the skin tone. Yellow tan looks better than magenta pink--don't you think?

There was a time when I could read this.

Now, if you really like Denham, do two things:
That's it for a one of a kind Sri Lankan male model.

He's the first I've seen in the style of the European or Latin beefcake model.
Best of luck to you, Denham!
Wherefore Sri Lankan Male?

In Commemoration...

       It was just a year ago, 30 August 2008, when I got inspired to re-invigorate this blog. The blog began 2 years and 5 months prior, with In the Beginning. But like many blogs, posting was sporadic, often with several months intervening.

Why I created the blog in the first place was to fulfill a mission--to create a place where Sri Lankan men in all--well some of--their glory could be seen and adored. This was and still is a topic largely under-represented on the Net.

It is not only the Sri Lankan male, but the darker Indian and other south Asian males who are largely invisible in the sphere of beautiful people on the Net.

Admittedly as subjective as the notion of beauty is, Sri Lankan men still ought to be somewhere high on the totem pole--either for their handsome mix of slimmer, tanned features or for the exotic appeal that only the darker-skinned, tropical men have.
I'm not sure whether it was the images I came to feature in the Bad Boys post which inspired me--now regrettably under revision, with the owner of the formerly posted pics unhappy with my use of them--or whether it was the inspiration that came first and breathed new life into my quest.

A Sri Lankan man in all his glory--the exotic, tropical male.

Whatever the case, 30-Aug-08 was the pivotal date when I would turn a casual pastime into an overriding pursuit. At the time I feared it might be just another two or three week spurt. But I'm happy to say to all the lovers of Sri Lankan men, that it was no spurt. It is now the start of a second year and, in page count parlance, this blog has won over a lot of fans. The average no. of daily page loads in August 08 was around 65, while as of the end of Aug 09 it is up to 1000!
The mission remains the same... to create a place where Sri Lankan men can be adored.

Expect more of the same, together with some evolutionary changes on the site.

I like to be innovative--mostly within the realm of text and images.

I feel that it is the still, two-dimensional image that impresses most, along with words to further incite the imagination.
<< A Sri Lankan male to remember.
Will you be a model for me, I asked and he agreed, and these images were the result.
He isn't really the model type, nor I much the photographer; but obliging he was, and I so grateful.
With sincerity of heart, he left me that day with a smile that, if you could see it, would brighten your day as well.

~from a traveler's journal

The Perfect Specimen

       I  have no qualms about introducing the young man below as the most perfect model--product also of the most skilled of photographers, who created the image.

The model Anand, the photographer Laurent G.,
& the original post--where you are encouraged to leave your comments: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
I should now just shut up except to add that the photo's great attributes speak for themselves, but I can't. I have to elaborate because this is, after all, the most perfect of depictions of a South Asian male.
  • color--the model's deep reddish, brown skin which undulates in a variety of textures and tones is heavenly.

  • hair--the thick lines of jet black hair that adorn his head are as wondrous as Medusa's head of snakes.

  • stubble & fuzz--the photographer has captured the stubble of a beard and mustache, the outline of brows and sideburns, the line of hair that trails the center of this Adonis' torso and even a glimpse of that magical triangle of hair that those who know Anand would be so conscious of.

  • position--indeed the positioning of this model is incredible, the angle of the shoot, the lighting which creates the exposure--all of the elements are perfect here.
The concrete wall behind him is like that of a fortress, and he some kind of sentry.

His nude figure is like that of a Greek sculpture standing aloft a temple wall.

The fabric he holds is like the cape of a nobleman and notice the earthy accessories he wears, ivory-colored implement piercing an earlobe, a thin black leather band tied around a forearm, and a copper-colored pendant hung from a black string around his neck.

Anand, the image, the work of the photographer--perfection.

                It doesn't get any more sacred.

See more like this at Favorite of Laurent G.

A Matter of Taste

       This post was going to be all about Denham, but I kept adding more and more until I came up with a rather unlikely trio. They all appeal to my taste, but dilection is peculiar to the individual.

Which is your favorite male among those pictured here...

Angel, ape or Adonis?
(Pun intended, yes. Insult no--I have the highest regard for all three gentlemen.)
  • The pretty, lightly tanned engineering student cum modeling pro,
  • the dark, cuddly gorilla-like lover (my personal favorite),
  • or the brown-skinned Indian Adonis?


There's more of the Laurent G. star model Adnan to complement the image already featured.

The full-size image of Adnan in this pose is quite awesome to see.

~click on image and be transported!

He is a fine model with an incredible amount of natural beauty.

Most of the images in this post were obtained from a variety of sources and no claims of ownership are being made by this author. Some of the images have, however, been digitally modified for artistic purposes in accordance with the theme of this post.

(The In Commemoration set are original SLM images and are free to use, but credit or a link to this website is requested.)

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Anonymous iresha said...

For all the non-homos, you can find some hot lankan chicks here.
Cute Lankans

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 12:17:00 PM  
Blogger B.D. said...

^^ Hey, let's not try to insult anyone. This site (SLM) is for anyone interested in the Sri Lankan male w/o regard to gender, orientation or whatever labels you may want to apply.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 7:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Thilini said...

You go Bruce! Im not gay and I find this blog really interesting! Why? Cz I'm a straight woman duh!lol
And that model you have featured above ..with the Sinhala tattoo..
OMG I hands down agree wth you. If it wasnt for that tat I'd have never even dreamt that he was a Srilankan. I checked out his video too and wanted to vote for him as well but sadly he wasnt there in the voting list there T_T
Sooo bad cz he definitely is one if the hottest SL guys I have ever seen.

Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The creator of this very blog: "srilankanmale", Congratulations, you have a good taste. I honestly admire
and really enjoy those two photos of a Sri Lankan man in all his glory. Fantastic hairy body. It would be
a pleasure to enjoy such a body more. He has been given plenty.

Monday, April 05, 2010 8:28:00 PM  
Anonymous wildboz said...

This blog would be much better if you featured some naked Sri Lankan men. The "Hairy male & beautiful" photos look like nude shots that were unfortunately cropped in the worst place. These hairy dark studs should be shown in all their naked glory.

Saturday, March 26, 2011 7:42:00 PM  
Blogger B.D. said...

^^ Would like to do that if I had many such images to share, if I didn't live in a country where such things are highly sensitive and if I weren't in a profession with similar concerns. The power of suggestion will just have to do for now and actually for me, the men look great however much or little is revealed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 3:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've recently found a friend who is Sri Lankan/Filipino and am finding myself searching for other Sri Lankan men with little or no clothes in order to fantasize about him. mmmmmm.

Sunday, June 26, 2011 7:29:00 AM  
Blogger B.D. said...

Why don't you just meet the man rather than fantasizing?

Monday, June 27, 2011 12:35:00 AM  

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