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Friday, April 23, 2010

Men of Gold

I once travelled the length of Tamil Nadu by train. It was not a particularly memorable journey because much of it was at night.

But when morning broke, I found myself looking out from the window at golden fields and giant windmills.

It must have been harvest time.

Somewhere else beyond the fields, in gyms and makeshift training rooms, were young Tamil men striving to reap a harvest of their own in the form of a muscular physique.

They might have been students, office worker, farmers, fishermen or laborers. Whatever their designation the men who decide to dedicate themselves to building their own temples have in common a high level of discipline and determination.

These images pay tribute to their perseverance and the good results that follow from them.

Men and women work the fields.      
What might they prefer to be doing if they had the leisure?      
seems to be more than a passing fad in India's southern most state.

Why do they do it?

Looking at the beauty of the men, the more natural question is why doesn't everyone do it?
Is it unusual to want to strive for physical perfection?

It begins with a desire that becomes a passion,
...and passion burns like fire in the soul.

The passion is the fuel that maintains the dedication and discipline.

Who can resist the attraction of male physical perfection?

The Real Men of Chennai--Edition 11

They are men of gold and bronze--the bodybuilders of Tamil Nadu. Theirs is a precious commodity in the form of flesh and blood.
I have said it before, but the best pose isn't a pose at all. It is standing in a relaxed flaccid posture that reveals the best of a bodybuilder's form. These images were taken by fellow competitor V.C. Vinoth Kumar and are featured in his online photo collection.

The handsome physique of a fellow bodybuilder
is more than enough to inspire.
The Line-up

It might be mistaken for a farm of men. The harvest is in and the produce are on display. It looks like a bumper crop. The men are well-built, greased and ready to exhibit what they worked so hard to cultivate.

I was not there--I'm never quite so lucky. But the images taken by Vinoth Kumar, happily give a taste of what must have been a feast for the eyes.

Three flavors to choose from: caramel, peach and dark chocolate.

I fancy the dark chocolate, with or without the toppings.

A Window on Their World

The photos of Vinoth Kumar allow the non-bodybuilder and those of us not fortunate enough to inhabit India's southern zones to catch a glimpse of the spectacle.

Tamil men, whether in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia or elsewhere, have a unique combination of dark complexions and Asian features.

Combine this with the propensity of a many young Tamil men today to build up their physiques and and show them off, and we end up with great displays like those featured here.

They make up a rich lineage which draws on Hindu, Muslim and Christian traditions. The Tamils come from a land rich in agriculture, fisheries and an impressive architectural heritage. And today they are key players in the information revolution.

The men of Tamil Nadu have much to take pride in.

How may hours in a typical week does the young Tamil bodybuilder spend in training?

What is their meals regimen, and how much of their working wages do they spend on supplements?

Whatever the costs, it is definitely worth it when the results are such as these men have on display.

I am looking for a south Indian bodybuilder to feature and sponsor through Sri Lankan Male. If you have what any of these champions have then your profile is welcome. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

A Heart On

It's a bad pun, but the men here are something to excite the heart...
Can one not help but feel something for these men of gold and bronze?

All are champions in the measure of hard work and discipline.

These Are the Men of Gold--the Real Men of Chennai

Click on images to enlarge.

Thanks to VC Vinoth Kumar for his excellent images...

     Images for the gallery wall.

Continue on along the trail of... The Real Men of Chennai.

All photos appearing in this SLM post are modifications of original images from the collection of VC Vinoth Kumar. While the images have been digitally modified for artistic purposes in accordance with the theme of this post, no claims of ownership of the images are being made by this author .

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