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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Handsome Officer

Is there ever a time when an encounter with the law might be desirable? How about if you just happen to be traveling through Tamil Nadu and find yourself at cross purposes with the likes of a group of young officers of the peace?

Lock me up

...and throw away the keys!
enlarge & enjoy

If every, most, or even a good some of the men of the peace in India and Sri Lanka were really like these, who would mind a few nights or more behind bars?

I confess...

These gentlemen possess those natural, unassuming good looks that come with youth and being of modest means.

simple, good looks >>

Despite the reputation of the police in so many places of being corrupt and abusive, one might wonder if the kind, gentle appearance of some are true indications of their character.

If you ask me, the carrot, whatever its complexion, is a more effective weapon than the stick. If I were to encounter such officers of the peace, I may be much more likely to cooperate and confess to my wrongdoings. Am I just being naive, or is there really something noble and trustworthy about these handsome faces?

The young officers here exemplify the working class men who have neither the money nor the time to spend on fine attire or fancy grooming, but look all the more handsome for just performing their humble duties, whether security men, laborers, peons (a term used non-pejoratively in Sri Lanka) and other workers.

If all policemen were like these...

But most, it seems, deteriorate with age, losing their boyish smiles and trim physiques.

Instead of a shy smile, one is more likely to encounter a scowl and a growl; and instead of the tender manner suggested in the faces of the men seen here one is more likely to encounter a brute.

More than the average police officer it is the ranks of the armed forces in Sri Lanka where you will find the largest crop of young attractive security men.

But if all policemen were as handsome as these, I fear the crime rate might just go up!

Fair Complexion, Alluring Eyes

...good enough for a starring role?

I have seen this face before. Haven't you? It is the face of a young Indian or Sri Lankan lad. You can see it in his eyes.They are sharp and determined. They are the eyes of a young man who sees his own future.

See the young man's budding mustache (above), full lips and sexy goatee.

Yes, this is the face of a young south Asian male. I have seen him before on the streets of Trivandrum, Colombo and Sharjah.

Notice the sheen in his thick black hair.

This is part of the appeal of the south Asian male, which probably goes often unremarked on.

Many of them are blessed with the most beautiful texture of hair, with full-body and a healthy gloss. It is not only the female Fair & Lovely model who can boast of beautiful hair.

One of this blogs readers has commented on how he loves the black, full, lustrous hair of south Asian men. It gives a healthy, virile look. I know that Sri Lankans especially like hair that is jet black, nicely slicked with coconut oil.

So which one is the most handsome? No doubt the one in the middle. He is the center of attention here. But the one on the right is dark, handsome and just looks real. Good looks are a question of taste and by mine he's got them too. Meanwhile, the one on the left has the sweetest eyes. All three would make fine companions on a long bus trip!

Who is that random Sri Lankan male, that handsome extra?

We don't know his name, since he isn't the big star.

But It is the good-looking, unknown young extras like him who really ought to have the starring role.

Young Sri Lankan men and other south Asian men are just handsome like that. They may be college boys, working men or the many just trying to get a lucky break.

You may find their pics online, you may know them from travel or work, or you may just be one of these handsome south Asian men yourself.

How many handsome Sri Lankan and south Indian men do you know--yourself included?

Back to the officers... the Men With the Long Sticks

Indian police officers ↑

The stick might be a rifle or a baton, but whichever, the holder is likely to be a handsome young security man who would dare you to cross him.

Sri Lankan soldier (Colombo's finest)
I have said it before and I will say it again. Sri Lankan security personnel are the best dressed in uniform. Their garb perfectly suits their stature, build and handsome features. The image (above) captured by a photo journalist is suitable for framing by any aficionado.

Sri Lankan police officers

There is both a symmetry and asymmetry in this image--two officers in olive-colored uniform (off-centered), four orange-colored storage tanks (centered) with miscellaneous vertical supports. One's eyes cannot help but be drawn toward the handsome officer duo.

Sri Lankan policeman (one of the president's men?)

Here the officer's hat is too large and his build too slender, but his dark, serious, youthful features are magnetic, set against an Andy Worhol-esque background of the Sri Lankan president. He cuts an image which is brooding, while also intriguing

The BIGGER Picture

His trademark mustache is the mark of Indian manhood and his serious expression is the badge of the man in uniform--to be feared and respected!
As I have said, lock me up and throw away the keys!

You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the boy out of the soldier.
In Sri Lanka the young soldiers, mostly village boys, seem to retain their youthful innocence while they carry out the duties of men.

Two turtle doves...
The two handsome youth seem to evoke such a refrain.
They make an attractive pair... all in the line of duty as Sri Lankan police officers.

Ah yes, last but not least...
he isn't handsome, but there is a beauty about him.
The effort it might take to win from him a smile would be worth it...
because this dour, young officer has somehow an alluring appeal and a subliminal sensuality.

The photos appearing in this SLM post are from a variety of sources and have been edited to complement the theme of this post. I place no claim of ownership on any of them.

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Blogger Tom said...

Thanks for mentioning me -- my name is Tom and I'm the one who's commented before on the hair of South Asian men. I live near New York City and see a lot of South Asian men and I often have to stop and look. Not only are many of the men very handsome, but also so many of them have super thick, shiny hair cut in a great, classical style. I am not a big fan of the fauxhawks and messed up looks so many European guys sport these days. The traditional neat, businessman type cuts are best for many men and a lot of South Asian men sport those types of cuts.

The coconut oil that they put in their hair in Sri Lanka and India sounds mighty appealing. But over here in the U.S., they use gel or pomade. And boy do they do a good job with it, creating a nice look of black hair molded into a very pretty, masculine shape.

The guy whose picture is above where you mentioned you mentioned my comments does have great hair. It looks like he has coconut oil in his hair, making it look even more thick, dark and lustrous. But the most attractive thing about him is his eyes. They are extraordinary. They look like they could look right into you and see through to your soul. Very strong, intelligent, yet extremely gentle eyes. Their shape is incredibly beautiful. One of my favorite pictures here yet!

Saturday, November 20, 2010 7:42:00 AM  

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