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Friday, January 07, 2011

Mister Sri Lanka


What do you want to be when you grow up?                                        
A doctor, engineer, pilot, president...                                        
How about a supermodel?                                        

To Become or Not to Become

Who among us have had such thoughts--as young boys? Not many of us, probably. When does an interest in becoming a male model kick in?

I have met quite a few younger Sri Lankans (late teens, early twenties) who say they'd like to be models.

I have wondered is it a passion for fashion, is it misplaced vanity or is it just the dream of those who see no other job prospects in a nation where good jobs are hard to come by?

The handsome features of a Sri Lankan male model. ↑ →

I do believe that part of it is the fact that the notion of male model is more familiar in Sri Lanka than in many other places. Daily newspapers and magazines often feature model launches, and by far most of the entries submitted are male.

In Sri Lanka it is conceivable that some little boys, seeing those images of the male model hopefuls in newspaper and magazines, imagine getting a piece of some of the glamour action when they grow up.

Do little boys dream of becoming models?

Glamour, vanity or economic necessity--what is the biggest motivating factor?

I can't answer that question myself. I have neither the glamour, the vanity nor, should I humbly add, the economic necessity to ever imagine myself a male model.

This blog's author, B.D., optimistic on the potential of the Sri Lankan male. >>

It is no less admirable and appropriate that a young man feel inclined to become a model as it would be to want to become a mechanic. And in either case it takes more than just pondering. One must pursue that objective.

In the case of a mechanic, one might qualify with a certificate after a 6, 9 or 12-month course. I am not aware, however, of any certificate courses for models in Sri Lanka, although it would make perfect sense if there were.

Product of the South Asian Tropics

In my own opinion, in fact, it takes more than good looks to get into or succeed in modeling.

In fact, I doubt that looks are even the most important indicator. And there are two points to be made here:
  1. The greatest looking guys often never become models. How many of the incredible, handsome and humble young men one sees in daily life just remain incredibly handsome and humble young men?

  2. Modeling, being a business after all, requires some business acumen and sophistication on either the part of the model him or herself or on the part of those who assist or manage them. It is a career choice that is no easier than any other to break into.
Handsome Bangladeshi ↑↓, but will he ever become a successful model?

Become a Sri Lankan Male Model
(read more)

Many Bangladeshi men are as handsome as any Sri Lankan
...and have got great names.
Meet Fakrul Islam.

BD Eyes

What I love about the model featured in this post are his eyes. Eyes are probably the most important aspect of good looks if all features are singled out.

Of course, everything has to kind of work together as they do with this young man. With other attractive features, including a sparse, smartly groomed goatee and mustache, a soft brown tan and soft, wavy hair.

He was a Mr. Sri Lanka candidate in Mr. International Sri Lanka in 2010. He did not make the final pick--lots of tough competiion of course, but we wins a vote from me for having a nice, exotic and a soft masculine appeal.

They (her eyes) became a trademark for Betty Davis. One can see why.

Though it often goes unmentioned, the eyes of a handsome or beautiful man or no less seductive than that of any woman.

When one looks at any handsome young man, it has to be his eyes that attract firstly and which attract more powerfully.

The eyes of the Bangladeshi model above are bright and clear and seem to draw you in toward them.

Eyes not only attract, but they also reveal something about the person behind them.
...scientists have found that a simple test can determine a man's intentions - and the answer, it seems, is all in the eyes.If he maintains eye contact for long periods, he views his date as a potential long-term partner.

How to tell whether a man likes you.

He loves me, he loves me not... I love him, I love him not. Just see him, spot him and see how long the gaze lasts!

Would-be Mr. International

This Mr. Sri Lanka shall go unnamed--'cuz I don't know it. But he, along with his comrades who participated in Mr. Sri Lanka International, are more likely the type of youth who thought about being a model and then made efforts to pursue it.
Along with the determination to pursue a career in modeling, the young man needs to display a personal flair. The cliché the clothes make the man may be apt in this regard. It says something about his personality and his temperament.

I could never get away with wearing iridescent silver trousers, a lightweight turquoise-blue satin jacket and a black silk shirt.

But for a man who has flair in both character and manner, then he and a suit like this are a good fit.

Modeling is, after all, more about fashion than anything else. So, the good model has to be able to wear his clothes well and convincingly. I'd say this one passes the test.
Mr. Sri Lanka images by Kalana found at Flicker & Blogger.
Also, another great model and favorite of Sri Lankan Male, He Wears it Well.
Naturally Appealing

Somehow, though, the best looks are those which are or at least seem most natural. That's why any young man looks best in what the creator has naturally bestowed on him.

This Mr. Sri Lanka looks great in casual attire, hair not especially styled and expression natural and relaxed.

The image shows a man who is confident, while not vain. He appears comfortable with his own presence.

The image also displays a look which is classic and Roman, like the profile of the Roman sentry or nobleman. It reminds of classic early 20th and late 19th century photography in Sri Lanka.

This leads me to the thought that the Sri Lankan male exhibits a timeless beauty.
image source      
See also Sri Lankan Male post, Heritage.

Stay tuned in. More Mr. Sri Lanka models to come.
The photos appearing in this SLM post are from a variety of sources (sometimes referenced) and have been edited to complement the theme of this post.

I place no claim of ownership on any but original SLM images, indicated when such is the case.

Original SLM images are free for use in any format, but I request a courtesy link back to this website.
Take NoticeMuscle Men = Real Men, ed. 13
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Blogger Tom said...

Well, my reply to this message may end up making me look very shallow, but your post really interests me, B.D., and I feel a strong urge to reply.

Young boys probably never think of becoming a model. It's just not archetypal enough for a male. Most boys think of becoming pilots, scientists, doctors, artists, or something like that.

In my case, though, once I reached my teens, I began thinking it would be really cool to be a model.

1. I thought it would be great to be that handsome. Attract all the gorgeous guys I wanted and be able to look at something beautiful every time I gazed in the mirror. (would this be the vanity part??)

2. Make all that money based on one's looks. Even back in the 80s, when I was in my teens, the top male models in the U.S. and Europe made a lot. $100,000-$200,000 per year. The real biggies now, such as Tyson Ballou, Ollie Edwards and John Kortajarena, may be making as much as $1,000,000.

Although like you said, B.D., it probably isn't actually easy being a model. You have to be on time for your shoots, you have to have a professional attitude and be able to get along with many different types of people. You also have to have a lot of patience and maturity. There are beautiful men who cannot get along with photographers or designers, or who are snotty. They are promptly let go.

It is interesting what you said also about the exposure the young Sri Lankan male has to the concept of modeling. Even with how visual (and sexual) advertising has become in the U.S., you see very little written about becoming a male model. The models are there, but are never discussed as real people, nor as people whose career you are seeing right in front of you. So U.S. boys have very little exposure to the concept. Very few U.S. males over here think about becoming models. Most are discovered.

Me and my friends comment pretty frequently about the beauty of men we see everyday while walking around. So I agree that many handsome men do not become models, or anything else where they could cash in on their looks, like acting.

I like your model very much, by the way. Like you said, incredible eyes. But also the eyebrows, lips and hair. So many South Asian men have beautiful eyes. They seem to contain a kind of energy that is extremely rare here in the west. There's a certain fire and directness that doesn't exist over here.

Thanks for a great post!

Sunday, January 09, 2011 8:46:00 AM  
Blogger B.D. said...

Hi Tom. I agree with you. I think the US has a machismo, and by extension homophobic, culture which tends to shame or embarrass any boy who would say, "I want to be a model." Modeling is women's work, men don't hold hands... this sort of thinking is so common in a place like the US, but it clearly isn't universal. In Sri Lanka, men hold hands only with other men... and modeling is probably more becoming of a young man than a young women.

Glad you like the post. I plan to do more with these Mr. Sri Lanka contestants.

Sunday, January 09, 2011 8:39:00 PM  
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