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Thursday, June 30, 2011

On a Sri Lankan Beach

As a girl might see it Sri Lankan boys are sexy, especially those slender dark boys with gleaming white teeth, shiny black hair and long lanky arms!

dark 'n' sexy >>

They say a girl likes to see nice round bums in a guy, but when it comes to any sultry Sri Lankan beach boy it has got to be his dark velvety skin, glistening with drops of water as he emerges from the sea.

Simply irresistible--how not to stare and hope the boy catches your eye!

Not only does he tempt by sense of sight, but the scent of perspiration and sea salt as he passes near is equally beguiling. That sexy boy, nonchalantly parading his slender, smooth assets is the apple in any lustful girl's eye.

As a guy might see it, that sexy beach lad has to strike a glint of envy in the eye. So what that he's got a pretty face. Who cares that he's lean and taut. Maybe I could be that boy if I were just 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.

That boy ain't really all that, anyway. But who am I kidding?

If I were a boy even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted
And go drink beer with the guys.

Yeah, that beach boy has got it made. He's the sparkle in the eye of every man or girl. I should know... I am enchanted by this beach boy. He's oh so fine!

Does he get your attention?

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Does he? Why not ask? I am curious about the taste of other men and women. It is surely not just me who can't help but spy from the window of my passing car or bus, or stare discretely from a beach side table, looking not at the sea but the beach boys playing there?

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This young man of Galle was photographed by a traveller who has a good eye for the color and shape of beauty. He sent these images to me and I hope to do homage to the would be diver cum model.

Most of the so called "Beach Boys" in Sri Lanka are a plague. Especially for single women.

It's not about personality but if you meet a young man who doesn't work and parties all night you should ask yourself what he is doing for a living. Right, he is living off you!
travel warning

So that's one take on it (not mine). And even if true, is that so bad? The ladies and gents who fall for the lure--or allure--of the beach boy are getting something in return, are they not?

Companionship, friendship... a chance to interact with an endearing local.

Think about it. You're having a beer at a beachside cafe--feeling the wind in your hair, taking in beautiful sea views and threatening clouds. But you're all alone.

Alternatively, you're having that beer, sharing it with a warm, friendly beautifully brown boy. You're enjoying the cadence of his Sinhalese accent or listening to him sing the chorus of Tamil songs. He likes hearing you talk about where you've come from and he just has to know whether you're married or not.

It's a fair trade, isn't it?

Those young men are less pesky than any tout, and they really are nice to chat with. They tend to also offer tours, but no need to take the offer up. Your guide is just as happy to chat on or take you on a stroll.

The beach boys represent a great opportunity whatever offers you decide to accept.

Episode 1

Well, here goes one of my own beach boy tales.

southern boy >>

It happened at Unawatuna, a stone's throw from Galle and one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

Unawatuna has got the cleanest of blue-green waters on Sri Lanka's coast. It also has a sheltered coral bay, good for swimming or surfing beyond the reef.

I was one of those aimless beach gazers, enjoying the views all alone, until a youthful staff worker at the beachside cafe asked if he could join me at my table. I happily obliged and the usual conversation followed...
Where are you from? Are you married? Not married! Why not?

The parameters set, he invited me to take in views of the bay from the temple perched atop the hillside a couple hundred meters away.

But my beach boy had more on his mind than views of the seacoast. He had instead something personal to reveal and share with me and I happily indulged!

Episode 2

It was late night on another occasion at the opportunistic beach paradise.

The night was cloudy and dark, except for the faint glow of the waves washing gently against the shore.

As I sat quietly on a wooden plank near the cafe I had been to earlier, out of the dark interior came another of the staff workers.

He had recognized me but I did not easily remember him as he had spent most of the hours of the day in the kitchen.

There was no ruse this time of enjoying seaside views. He instead sat beside me and quite directly invited me to explore other pleasures.

And so, it was another memorable exchange with a nicely endowed Sri Lankan beach boy.

I have no problem at all with the young Sri Lankan man who seeks to chat me up on the beach.

<< it's a leap of faith

Episode 3

It is another fine day on the beach at Unawatuna. With two pleasant memories already behind me I once again pay a visit to the beachside cafe.

Three is the charm they say, so my hopes are high.

The kitchen worker had asked me to keep our tryst a secret and I was more than happy to comply. It was the least I could do for what I had already gained.

I was sure that this time I would have no trouble remembering him on meeting up with him again. So I made my way back to the cafe in the late afternoon.

I was staying in Mirissa, a good long hike along the coast from Unawatuna, so it would take me some time to reach the cafe.

But it was an incredibly scenic walk all along the way, with alternating sandy and rocky shoreline, seas that produced big rolling waves and skies that interwove clouds and sun into artistic patterns.

The kitchen helper cum loverboy, however, was elusive. I couldn't find him.

Was he off that day or just away? I wasn't able to discern easily from the other staff as I did not know his name and did not want to seem overly inquisitive.

Third time unlucky for me!

But no regrets... Unuwatuna was great and the beach boys are a special breed, not to be shunned or taken for granted. Those who have a more leisure travel schedule and can spend more days at the beach are sure to get to sample their charm.

safe 'n' sound, after the jump

...and here's the rest of the story:

The truth about the "Beach Boys".

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More Galle & Unawatuna boys to come!

How about some Indian beach boys?

I would love to hear from any readers who have experiences and insight to share. In the sentiment of one web surfer:
I would like to feel free to look at [ ] gays in kovalom beach and spend along with them.
khalid al... , kuwait


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think generally Indian men are more reserved than Sri Lankan men.

The closest you will come to the beach boy culture in India is in Goa.

Having said that, pleasures can easily be found in India too. It just takes a little more


The one thing I like about India is that the men their usually are just greatful for your company.

Very often they are not seeking compensation.

In May I was in Chennai.

I had just arrived at the hotel and had unpack and went for a walk. I had just left my room and was standing

in the open air hall way that also acts as a balcony. A very handsome room boy (man) came and stood beside me.

He gave me a very intense stair. We stood their staring at each other. Not a word spoken. He did not speak a word of English and I only

know a few words in Tamil. However, it was obvious from his very intense stair that he was willing over come our language barrier.

Finally, I made a hand gesture indicating that I would like to spend some quality time with him.

I must also mention that he was not the room boy for my floor so it would be risky for him to come to my room.

Then the buzzer rang indicating that one of the rooms on his floor needed attention. In India many hotels have door bells in your room that you press when you want to

summon the room boy.

So my new friend took off to do his job.

An opportunity lost........... so I thought.

Maybe 2 hour latter my room buzzer rang.

It was my new friend. He gestured for me to follow him. He took me to one of the rooms he was cleaning. At this hotel they only have one key per room so it the room boy has the key knowone else has a key to the room. So he took me in to the room he wa cleaning and was spent some quality time together.

You may fill in the details.
(Its pride weekend in Toronto so happy pride!)

Friday, July 01, 2011 7:43:00 PM  
Blogger B.D. said...

Hi James, thanks for sharing that. My sense is that Indian men are not so much reserved as more inhibited than Sri Lankans. I think they are even more than Sri Lankans overly conscious of being under the watchful eyes of a caste based and status conscious society. (Too much socio-analysis, I know.) Thanks for the hotel story. The "quality time" must have been really nice. Interesting too the communication you two managed without a common language.

I haven't had an Indian experience worth writing home about, so to speak. But India is very much on my radar as one of the great places in the world to experience. I would very much like to have a chance to live there and explore the whole country.

Monday, July 04, 2011 12:39:00 AM  

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