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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bangladeshi ♣ Male Models

My eyes have seen the glory...

I feature in today's post four Aces of other South Asian lineage.
      The Ace of Clubs, dark and sultry.
      The Ace of Diamonds, mesmerizing.
      The Ace of Spades, the absolute dark knight.
      And the Ace of Hearts, ripe with beauty.
To my mind Bangladesh is an undiscovered planet. I have yet to visit and explore its charms, but I suppose that it is a place with much to offer.

And I do not doubt that it is full of charm, because I have had the fortune to meet so many Bangladeshi men in the UAE where I live.

I believe that they are among the most welcome of the many nationalities which inhabit this country.

They are honest and sincere, generous, gentle, hard working and kind.

They are a predominantly Islamic people, although I have met Hindus, Christians and Buddhists among them.

Their brand of Islam is the least dogmatic of any I have encountered.

And while they are extremely devout on the one hand, they are very rare to argue, advertise or proselytize their beliefs.
Gentle Men

Most of the Bangladehis I have met are really a gentle soul in the Ghandian mould--and full of good looks to match their good hearts.

Linkon, a man with a promising future at modeling.

[]  So, what makes Linkon Bangladesh's most sensuous male model and my Ace of Clubs. Is it not patently obvious?
  1. A very handsome, ethnic sort of face.
  2. A very sexy, well-defined physique.
  3. That ever scintillating drizzle of hair on his torso.
            Need I say more?
  4. An attitude which says, I'm the man!
Has Linkon just got naturally good looks or is it something he's had to work at hard?

My guess is that he is a bodybuilder too, but much more into definition than bulk. That much is obvious in his great abs.

There is also something to be said of the camera work. These shots were definitely crafted.

The dark colors in the studio set the mood and Linkon, as model, is superbly attired in a sexy combination of blue jeans and open leather jacket.

I am impressed. And it is a good indication to me that Bangladesh is prepared to offer a lot in terms of handsome, seductive male models and photographers to present them.

Bangladesh is a country of relatively small geographical size, but teeming with a population of over 150 million. With more than half this great number being male and over-proportionally young, the country has potentially a vast pool would be male model candidates.

And he shall be ♣ Linkon

What then is the future of the Bangladeshi male model? I have featured three others on the pages of Sri Lankan Male in the past:

Other Bangladeshi Male Models

  Abid  unnamed  Ricky Blazo

Do you see what I mean now? Just look at what Bangladesh has to offer. These are only three of what I am sure are countless young men in Bangladesh who have something to offer the world in terms of male beauty.

[]  Abid was a prize-winning bodybuilder some years ago. He is featured in two earlier posts:
His most engaging feature is a velvety skin tone. Of fairer complexion, he sports a handsome, supple torso. He is definitely the stuff of diamond class stock.

I was dismayed on getting an email from an anonymous reader a couple of years ago, saying that this promising young star was killed in a terrorist bomb blast.

Doing a Google search for any news of such an incident occurring around the time I was told, I turned up nothing. So I don't know whether the report was true or not.

Hopefully this was a case of mistaken identity and my sincerest wish is that Abid is getting on well with life and realizing his dreams in Bangladesh.

[]  The second of my three previiously featured Bangladeshi male models also appears in two posts:

I don't know his name, or any other details about the man.

He is especially intriguing because he has certain quintessential Bangladeshi features--light brown eyes, curly dark hair, pink lips and a nice 5'oclock shadow.

He also sports traditional Bangladeshi men's wear, which somehow only looks good on Bangladeshi men.

One of the most attractive sights that one can see in areas where many Bangladeshi men live are the throngs going to mosque on Friday, each wearing differently colored panjabi, sherwani or fatua along with their solid-colored or pattenred skull caps.
Does anyone know his name?

What Bangladeshi men are made of!

[] Ricky Blazo is phenomenal in this image and in this pose. I love all of the photos of these men who have the potential to become Bangladesh's best male models, but the image Ricky strikes here is monumental.

I have yet to feature him more prominently in a post, but he made his debut on the pages of Sri Lankan Male in September 2008.

I have several more bodybuilder images of his that were sent to me by another Bangladeshi bodybuilding enthusiast. So, there is more of Ricky to come in time.

The Shape of Other Things to Come

All four of the Bangladeshi men featured here, whether fashion model, bodybuilder or just the handsome boy next door, give the impression that Bangladesh is home to many attractive men.

I have saved somewhere on my hard drive a photo of a Bangladeshi model cum salesman standing at the entrance of a small Dhaka clothier.

That image gave me a flash of inspiration that any clothier should have on hand a handsome model or two to display its wear, rather than using mannequins or salesmen who can only talk up the product.

Handsome men sell, seduce and charm, whether they are paid to do so or not. Handsome men ought to be considered an invaluable resource to any merchandizer.

     Twenty-Twelve... Year of the Bangladeshi Male Model

Next Edition

I could not possibly fold my hand with only the four men presented thus far, and I am sure your appetites are whet for more, too.

Alik, pictured here, is one of more fantastic Bangladeshi men I hope to present on these pages.

They hardly come any sleeker than this.

In the meantime, email me and let me know what more you like in male models--Sri Lankan, Indian or Bangladeshi.

Better yet, send me some of photos or yourselves or from your own collections.

Before I conclude, here's one more shout out to LINKON.
Friend, I'd like you to consider submitting more of your photos to Sri Lankan Male for a more exclusive spread. It is worth sharing with the world what you have to offer, being among the most handsome of your countrymen.

He shall be ♣ LINKON

The photos appearing in this SLM post are from a variety of sources (sometimes referenced) and have been edited to complement the theme of this post. I place no claim of ownership on any but original SLM images, indicated when such is the case. Original SLM images are free for use in any format, but I request a courtesy link back to this website.

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